Hedda Gabler Characters



Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler is the daughter of General Gabler who is a rich man. She belongs to a high class and a famous family, her lifestyle is also very luxurious. In the beginning of the play. She is just returning back from honeymoon with her husband George Tesman. Hedda married name is Hedda Tesman. She is a complex character, In the Play we see, she suffered from many emotional and psychological dilemmas. First we see could not find a suitable man or a best match for marriage and secondly, when she married, could not establish a good relationship with her husband. She, at the end of the play commits suicide.

Hedda Gabler Characters

George Tesman:

     George Tesman was a scholar and a researcher of history. He remained busy in research even during his honeymoon. Hedda married him. After marriage he tried his best to keep happy his wife. But unfortunately, he failed to establish a good mutual understanding with her. His wife feels boredom in spite of all his multiple attempts.


Juliana Tesman:

                             Juliana Tesman or Aunt Juju, is another important character among the characters of Hedda Gabler” play .She is the aunt of George Tesman. When parents of George Tesman died, she brought him up and afford all his expenses. Aunt Juju and aunt Rina bought a new house for the new couple. (George Tesman and Hedda) She has intense desire that Tesman and Hedda should have a baby.

Hedda Gabler Characters

Judge Barack:

                        Judge Brack is a friend of both Tesman and Hedda, he visits their house regularly. Hedda established friendship relation with him in order to overcome her boredom feelings. He is the cynical person by nature.his role as a villain as Othello villain. Judge Brack wants to control over Hedda but he failed. At the end, she preferred suicidal death rather than surrender before him. 

Eilert Loevborg

       Eilert Loevborg is the writer and Tesman's biggest competitor. He is a notorious alcohol drinker. Eilert Loevborg is also a former lover of Hedda. When Hedda refused to establish any kind of illicit relationship with him, he starts drinking. Later on, he married another lady Mrs. Elvested who helped him in his writing and research. He commits suicide with at the mid of play.



              Mrs.Elvsted is a passionate woman .She helped her husband in his writing and research. She was a friend and class fellow of Hedda. Mrs.Elvsted was wife of an aged person later on she marries Eilert Loevborg. However, she doesn't like his alcoholism habit.


She is maid servant of Tesman family. Bertha, tries very best to please Hedda but Hedda is not satisfied with her.

Aunt Rina:

 Aunt Rina is the only character among the characters of “Hedda Gabler” play that did not appear on the stage because she died at the start of the play. Therefore, she doesn't appear.








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